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World China Network Association News

An international network on Arab-China business, networking with Arab regions. (2011)
WCNA is a partner of Commonwealth China Business Council (CCbC), in cooperation with Commonwealth Business Council (CBC) and CCPIT. (December 2010)
A meeting between Commonwealth Secretariat and WCNA on Commonwealth-China network in London. (December. 2010)
WCNA is a partner of World Cultural Diversity Forum (WCDF), in cooperation with the Cultural Research Centre of CASS, Chinese Culture Promotion Society, networking with International Network for Cultural Diversity (INCD), International Network for Cultural Policy (INCP) and International Federation of Coalitions for Cultural Diversity (IFCCD). (Nov. 2010)
The Panel on Creative Economy, Internet and New Media chaired by FIAM, networking with WCNA, for the Global South-South Creative Week, as an event UNDP, in partnership with UNCTAD, UN-HABITAT, UN Volunteers, ILO, CIETE, FIAM, etc., networking with WCNA, at United Nations Pavilion, Shanghai World Expo. (September 2010)
A dialogue with Mr. John Howkins (Father of Creative Industry) on cultural and creative industry in Shanghai. (September 2010)
A meeting with UNESCO on cultural diversity in Paris. (May 2010)
A network with the Public Affairs and Communications of OECD during the period of OECD Forum 2010 (Road to Recovery: Innovation, Jobs & Clean Growth) in Paris. (May 2010)
Promoting an Africa-China business network with African Union Commission (AUC). (May 2010)

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